People often ask: What is a WordPress theme? Help us understand!

To say it simply, WordPress theme is what makes your website look the way it looks.

It’s your website’s skin, its clothes, if you will.

But it’s much more than that.

Theme doesn’t just provide your website its looks, it provides all of it functionality.

Theme is responsible for things like:

  • How fast your site loads
  • Is your site mobile responsive
  • Does it have a menu on a side or bottom or both
  • Can it have images of the products cycling on the front page
  • Does it have a shopping cart
  • What colors can you choose
  • Is it safe
  • What fonts are available
  • And much, much more

There are myriads of themes out there created by companies and individuals. Many themes are free and many are paid (what is known as a premium theme).

Free themes are great as they allow you to start on super low budget. For an initial site with all the minimum things that you need, free themes are great.

Once you want to move on to something with more functionality and customization, you will, most likely, have to switch to a paid/premium theme.

Premium themes, though come at cost, are very affordable. The pricing on very good themes fluctuates between $55 and $125, and that’s a one-time fee. Some upgrades, called plugins can have monthly fees associated with them and that applies to things like shopping carts and membership sites.

There are few large premium theme producers, like Auttomatic, the creators of WordPress or StudioPress, who created a really well-known and used Genesis framework, which allows you create endless customizations of your site with no additional costs. Here is an example of hairloss solution site created using Genesis framework.

When choosing theme it’s important not just be concerned about the aesthetic of the site overall, but also does the look of the site convey your business’s message, does it jive with what you are trying to say and show? You wouldn’t expect to have pink and lavender color scheme with squiggly fonts when you are a hardware store. Look at other sites in your industry to see what colors and layouts they use to get some ideas.

The functionality and security of a theme are very important as well, especially when you are an e-commerce and planning to process payments, collect customer information and create accounts for your customers.

When researching on the theme, the internet is invaluable. Reviews, forums, ratings are available from many places that will give you an idea if the theme is worth your time and investment.

As anything in business, creating your website requires some planning and investment, so make sure you take your time and do you research when deciding on the theme for your website.